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Just what I needed

Very useful and concise information about my status. Easy to get to Taskstream to check where my submission was in the evaluators que. Access to my WGU mail was so helpful during work hours.

My preferred app for WGU

This app is well designed and has functions that the WGU app doesn't. Also, some courses work better in this app on my iPhone or iPad. I'm impressed every time I use it.

Awesome App

Great app that helps you keep up to date with your studies and your progress. Every student should take advantage of this app.

This ought to be the official app.

This app is all you need to stay in touch with your colleagues and mentors. In addition to accessing resources and social media it lay out everything in an organized fashion. Great job!

WGU essential.

I love this app. It loads a lot of stuff in the app or at least merges it instead of opening a different browser window. Another awesome thing is the main screen. It's pretty motivational to see how far you've come in your degree and that semester.

Infinitely better than WGU official app

Books display properly! Read to me feature works properly! Flash cards work properly! WGU should hire the maker of this app for their official app!

Too many glitches

The app isn't properly synced with the settings I set through the desktop. For instance, the email signature doesn't show when I email. Also, navigating the textbook through the app is difficult since features don't work properly. Basically there are many bugs to be fixed. It's nice to have an app on the go but until they fix those bugs I'll leave my low score as is.

Everything the official app should be

I love this app! I can check my WGU email with this, the books display properly which makes studying so much easier than on the official app. Absolutely wonderful! This is amazing. Thank you so much!


This app rocks. Thank you

Extremely helpful. No sound in videos.

This app has been great. Quickly helps me find all the things I need for my student life. Never gotten sound out of the videos though I can play sounds fine with other video apps.

Great app!

Far and away better than the current "official" app. With WGU fielding a new official app at the end of this year one can only hope it will be as good as this one. Great job!

Must have if you're a WGU student

This is a great app to use to access all the necessary school resources. Haven't had a need to go super in-depth, but it works for my needs so far. I first discovered the app on my kindle fire hdx and use it there more, mainly for the screen size. This is nice when you're on the go and want to get some work done and only have your phone handy. Great job making this!

Great WGU app?

This app is a must for any WGU student. Now with the v2 update more than ever. Get it, you will not be disappointed.

Love the update

Everything is more clear and the app is easier to use.

Brilliant App!

This app is a must-have for anyone attending WGU. My highest kudos to the developer for offering this highly functional and well-polished app for free. Thank you very much!

Anyone at WGU should have this app!

Don't get the official app it doesn't work very well. This app has everything you need for WGU. Thank you to whoever made this app. I'm trying to spread this app around so more people know about it!

Always Wanted An App

I always wondered if WGU was going to make an app. This one is sweet though. Good job. Very useful.


This app is really useful. I love the quick access to the courses. My only complaint is that the "open in taskstream" option doesn't work for me.


Use it all the time.

Gets the job done

Helpful on the go

A must for every WGU student

This is a great app. If you don't get it now, you will kick yourself later. It helps in tracking progress, finding assessment results in mere seconds after completing an on-site assessment, and many other aspects of having a successful experience at WGU. The development team is very responsive to any issues. They have done an excellent job in the evolution of this app.

Amazing! What WGU app should be

This is app is simply amazing! It's everything the official app should be. I love how I can handle everything from WGU with this app. It looks a lot better on my ipad2 then on my nexus phone. It's amazing on the droid phone also. Ty everyone that has worked on this app

Best WGU app by far

This is a great app. It does everything you need it to do and is better than the "official" WGU App by far.

Awesome app!

Great job! Lots of details and works perfectly!!

Thanks for this tool

What a nice gift you have created. It is appropriately named and very much appreciated. Thanks for the updated version. Just downloaded and look forward to using it.

Thank you for this app!

My iPhone is not new enough to try the new 'official' WGU app. Thank you for continuing to update and support this app! Lately, I've been using pocket WGU to access my textbook through the COS ON THIS APP, and I prefer to read the textbook this way, instead of on my laptop. Works great. Again, thank you.


Works wonderfully!! Great job! Thank you!!

Great app

I'm so glad I found this app, as it far surpasses the usability of the official app. It is so easy to navigate and I can access just about every resource I could need! I will be recommending this app to every WGU student!


While the UI could be polished to try and match that of the portal this app is far more useful in every way when compared to the official app. Seems to be lacking task stream notifications but has email access.

Love it!

You did a great job in developing this app! I love this app since it gives me easy access to all WGU resources when I am travelling or even when I'm at home or in the office. Thank you!

Extremely helpful

Best app for WGU

Much better than the "official" WGU app

Not sure if this guy is a former student, but WGU should stop Dev on their own app and make THIS the official one. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Great app!

Must-have app for WGU. It makes it much easier to navigate by streamlining course information.

Handy app, terrific support

With an intuitive interface, this app provide convenient access to WGU resources. Support response is the quickest I've ever experienced. The developer responded to my problem within thirty minutes of submitting it. I had to switch to WGU's new student portal in order for the app to refresh. I found this information quickly at the developer's website.

Not good

course data will not load. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, it just will not load. the old one worked perfectly but this is just to working at all.

It is a very good start

For what it does, it is very good. Unfortunately, it can not ovrcome the limitations of devices tht can't view flash videos.


This is a great way to "see" your goals and accomplishments.

Pretty good!

Good for accessing COS on the iPad. A little laggy in mobile mode at times, but just use the full portal view to work around this. Good app overall.

Full Time

Great app, I have had it for about 2 years on several different iPhones/tablets. Very good to keep motivation up since it gives you a snap shot of where you're at currently and what still is left. Plus it gives you the option of seeing announcements and webinars with other features as well. Keep up the good work.

Great app!

Recommend this app for anyone who is on the go or to simply track their progress

Great App!

This is a great app for any WGU student. It's easy to use and the developer really cares about the user base.


Incredible resource to have. Thank you for this app!

Used to be great

Hello, this app used to be great but major issues since the update. Please fix!

Please fix update

I used to love this app, bc I could take a quick look of my emails, and check my classes, but ever since the update it is horrible, I can't see my email, it always says offline, I deleted and put it back in and it still doesn't work properly, please fix this problem because the app is very good, I just wish I could undo the update and get back to the old version, it was so much better.

Thank your for all your labor

I really appreciate all the labor and time you put into app. I use it constantly. It is extremely handy to access all classes information on the go. A must have for any WGU student. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Love the app

Both my wife and I use it. Love the 37.4% less crashiness. Too awesome!

Works great!

Love it! You can do so much with it! Awesome when you want to study for a bit and you're not by a computer!

Keeps crashing still

I can't login. Keeps crashing!!! Dont work.

Love This!

Great little App for having all my WGU info available with a single tap! Was a really good app before, and now with the last update, it is a great app!


I don't know what happened with the update, but this version doesn't work at all. The previous version was fabulous and worked great. I can't even get logged on before it crashes. I'm not liking it at all. Only one star for this. When it is fixed, I will re-evaluate my rating.

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